My reviews of book reviews of my book "Make the Bible Work for You."

"Make the Bible Work For You…is a slender -- and hugely diverting -- volume devoted to using the Bible to justify our worst behaviour. A must-have for a small book stand next to the toilet paper." The National Post (Canada)

- An accurate and well-conceived review. I also give the author kudos for the classy spelling of behavior. Just a sidenote, the books I keep in my bathroom are The Catcher in the Rye and a first-edition of Milton's Paradise Lost.

"A tongue-in-cheek guide to 'justifying your bad behavior through specially chosen biblical quotations.' The Reverend Hellenback actually is Seattle humorist Dave Johnston." The Seattle Times

- I'm actually very touched to be referred to as a humorist and a regionally-attached humorist, at that. Hopefully this means I will no longer have to cheapen myself by continually yelling "Wokka wokka!"

"Funny, yes." Sacramento Book Review

- What I say: Thank you, Sacramento. I enjoy your dry climate.


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