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Celebrating the Duwamish

In the summer of 2015, I got a cold. It wasn't a terrible cold, but in my as-far-from-infinite-as-you-can-get wisdom, I decided to besiege that cold with every commercial medication available including sprays, lozenges, ointments, pills, liquids, liqu-gels, gel-quids, liniments, balms, and salves. Instead of curing my cold, I seemed to have set the stage for a deadly conflict that set daytime medications against the nighttime medications, while the natural remedies hid somewhere between my humors and gallbladder. During this same time period, my fake front tooth had broken, and its temporary replacement fell out once a day. In midst of this drug war and the temporary temporary tooth, the Bar Room Writers Offensive did a performance for the Duwamish Revealed festival. Here's a video of me reading with a self-treated pharmaceutically-induced walking coma while trying not to open my mouth too much in fear that my front tooth will fall out. You can also here my daughter screaming…

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