Animals with Hangovers

I almost forgot that my book "Animals with Hangovers" is coming out today. It's a book of animal photographs with captions. Since that last sentence is descriptively barren, allow me to explain one of the images: A medium-size polar bear dominates the frame. One of it's eyes is slightly googly, but for the most part this is an average medium-size polar bear. Now that bear is somehow sitting on a lawn chair, though sitting might be the wrong word and it might actually be a park bench. Somehow (and this is when it gets good), this polar bear is wearing a t-shirt that says "World's Best Dad." And the caption, which is written in a soft yellow color, isn't working. The next time you're at your local bookstore, why don't you pick up the book and take a look for yourself? I'd be greatly appreciative. And, if you like what you read, it's a great gift for pet owners and drinkers. It's also the perfect intervention gift as it's a light-hearted way to tell people that they drink too much. Also, please note that there is no photograph of a polar bear wearing a t-shirt.


bikewrench said…
Why aren't I in there?
I'm an animal, and I'm hungover.
This book is crap!

(pees on your pillow and chews on an expensive sneaker...)

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